Bish, Bash, Bosh

The Challenge

Fear of Covid-19, and communications from the Government meant that the use of hand sanitiser and of hand washing accelerated. Lifebuoy, the world’s No.10 soap brand, returned to the UK to ensure everyone clearly understood good hand hygiene practices but had no equity in the UK market, had entered a very noisy market with lots of brands jumping on the bandwagon.

The Solution

Our strategy was focused on the following three principles:

  • Brand awareness and credibility by launching with credible and trusted voices, as well as launching with a lighthearted, hopeful tone rather than a tone of fear
  • Instilling good hand hygiene practices by designing schools programmes on good hand hygiene, as well as key digital content to explain the importance of handwashing
  • Driving product availability through partnerships with transport authorities, supermarkets or donations, as well as supplying dispensers to sporting groups and busy venues

The established schools programme taught over 1 million UK school children the importance of hand washing.

The campaign outperformed Kantar UK TV norms on every metric; successful at driving trial with 44% of consumers saying they had bought Lifebuoy, and 37% of consumers claiming that Lifebuoy was their preferred brand.

Not bad for a new brand to market...

9 Weeks
Brief to supply
30 Master Outputs
2x TVCs,1x radio, 12x OOH, 12x social & 3 x digital
Final Assets Delivered


MullenLowe: Bish, Bash, Bosh - Lifebuoy

MullenLowe launched Lifebuoy in an increasing noisy UK market during the pandemic. Through 110+ assets in 9 weeks, Lifebuoy became 37% of customers' preferred brand.

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