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MullenLowe Profero were appointed in 2015 to transform Harley-Davidson’s marketing and digital ecosystem across 70 markets.

Harley-Davidson, the most iconic and prestigious motorcycle brand in the world, needed to reinvent itself whilst harnessing the value of data and technology to acquire, retain and win-back customers. Over the past five years, our close partnership has successfully transformed their entire marketing & digital programme.  


In 2018 we were asked to re-build their international CRM programme, re-inventing it for today’s digital consumer and leveraging their Martech platforms. Over the last two years we’ve put in place the building blocks to deliver commercial success, whilst growing customer LTV.


Our starting point was to analyse their rich multi-dimensional customer data. We analysed over 1 million active and lapsed customers across 10 years of transactional and engagement data. We cleansed their 1st party data through a Unified ID, matching 3rd party lifestyle data and built rich customer insights through a single customer view (SCV).


This process enabled us to build a brand-new customer lifecycle model from prospects to loyalists. We quantified the size of each audience and used previous campaign data and category benchmarks to set targets for growth. Our initial focus was on customer retention and encouraging existing customers to buy another bike sooner than they might have been planning to. In order to achieve this, we analysed the period of time between purchases and used this date to build a customer level Estimated Renewal Date (ERD). We then used this ERD to build a personalised timed sequence of scheduled renewal CRM comms, enticing our customers to purchase a new bike earlier.

To further entice re-purchase, we built a customer level product recommendation engine, based on historical purchase data and customer location. 3 x personalised bike recommendations (from 365,000 possible combinations) were dynamically incorporated into the CRM experience driving website engagement, test rides and incremental sales. 

We’ve applied these strategies to all other stages in the customer journey driving real time personalised content, based on digital signals and 3rd party data enrichment.

All campaigns have now been automated across all markets within DotDigital and Eloqua, enabling real-time responsive emails, based on a nuanced series of triggers and rules. During this roll-out process we are also supporting H-D in their transition to Salesforce, a global solution for multi-channel customer unification.


Our results highlights include:

  • In less than 12 months, the full-funnel CRM programme delivered 632 incremental bike sales for H-D
  • This translates into $4.58M in incremental revenue
  • Overall ROI of 8:1 - twice our original ROI target
Overall ROI


MullenLowe Profero: Harley-Davidson

Through re-inventing Harley-Davidson's international CRM system for today's consumer, by building a brand new customer lifecycle model, MullenLowe Profero were able to entice re-purchase across 70 markets using real time, personalised & automated campaigns.

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