Making the nation Happy as Heck!

Having grown to be the UK’s finest producer of quality sausages, stocked in all major supermarkets nationwide, Heck appointed Neverland to create their first TV-led advertising campaign.

With the first attempt abandoned due to the pandemic, a new, more audacious approach was needed. One that took the happy, optimistic world of Heck to everyone’s garden for the summer they wanted - to make their summer happy as HECK! Our 30” ad conjured up the idyllic settings of the holidays we all hoped for, only to reveal they were happily in full swing, in our very own gardens.

The production itself was also audacious - Neverland being one of the very first (we think THE first) agency to prepare and shoot an ad in lockdown (abiding by all COVID safety advice and regulations we would add). 

The campaign was a welcome relief from the weeks of "at home with Zoom" themed advertising we’d all been seeing.


£1.4m increased revenue YOY

The results were off the scale. £1.4m increased revenue YOY (Kantar). YouGov reported the ad created the biggest increase in ad awareness vs. all competitors across the summer and social engagements were up by 289%. Their sales across the summer were certainly Happy as HECK!


Happy As Heck

Making the nation Happy as Heck!

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