Don't melt David- Tenzing Energy Drink


Tenzing came to Nexus as a promising brand in the Energy drink sector with an environmental mission. The brand’s focus on sustainability came at a time where almost every brand on the planet was hyping up eco pledges. It wanted to become the category lead on the issue with a very limited spend.

The challenge:

An emerging challenger brand since 2016, Tenzing had built solid distribution and a loyal fan base amongst the climbing community and niche consumers groups. However, it needed greater brand awareness to secure new major retail listings and break into the mass consumer psyche.  

The energy drinks category is dominated by two major brands Redbull and Monster Energy, both have huge marketing budgets, strong brand personalities and massive UK distribution.

Tenzing wanted to compete with these two soft drinks giants with a very modest £45,000 budget to launch its environmental commitment of adding carbon labels to its cans.


Most sustainability campaigns are extremely boring and ineffective. Consumers don’t just want to understand the impact they can have they want to be inspired to act.

To generate real hype, news and awareness, brands need to be brave, visual and selflessly relevant. The underpinning reason for Tenzing putting its carbon footprint on cans was to help consumers understand the personal impact that they can make on climate change.


Our strategy was to dramatize the personal impact individuals can have on climate.

To do this, Nexus worked with experts to calculate the amount of ice an average UK consumer melts in two weeks. Using this calculation we used the same amount of ice to create a giant bust of renowned climate ambassador Sir David Attenborough.

 Bringing together credible science, personal action, creativity and a highly visual execution drove the brands biggest ever exposure campaign. Importantly, using ice as a communication device also helped link back to the product and serve.

 The campaign delivered the national picture story for print, online and broadcast and also importantly secured a sales meeting with Waitrose.


The Nexus team developed the creative idea, executed the creative treatment, organized the logistics, lead the campaign execution and the managed the media outreach and social content creation.  


Most critically the campaign inspired Waitrose to set up a meeting with Tenzing and eventually list the brand.

Media and marketing metrics show that the campaign delivered extreme value against a very modest budget of £45k

  • 42 million UK and international media reach
  • 12 million social impressions
  • 1 x national broadcast
  • 2 x international broadcast




Don't Melt David - Tenzing Energy Drink

Nexus created the Don't melt David campaign to catapult the Tenzing Energy drink brand in to the mainstream. It achieved millions of impressions on social and extensive national and international online, print and broadcast coverage.

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