Edna - The Woman Who Runs New York

New York Bakery introduced the UK shoppers to authentic, New York style bagels over 20 years ago but have recently been struggling to stand out from the shelf loads of copycat offers and competitors with enormous media spends.

We needed to remind shoppers that bagels are not just another type of bread; true bagels, like NYB bagels have provenance, they come from New York.

To do this we wanted to give people a taste of the authentic New York deli culture that inspired the NYB bagel in the first place. Our campaign idea was to tell the story of ‘the woman who runs New York’ because she feeds New York, from her deli. The idea lived or died on the character, so casting was crucial but when actors played Edna it felt contrived.

So, we turned to street casting. And that’s where we discovered her. A real-life, potty-mouth, octogenarian New Yorker. Straight talking and sharp witted, her improvisations became the backbone of the campaign.

We achieved the highest brand cut through for NYB since 2012.

of tracking respondents remembered Edna
increase of spontaneous association of bagels with New York, in just one month

Social content to amplify the activity

A fully integrated campaign

Digital executions.


New York Bakery Co. - a brand campaign to establish NYB as the original bagel company

We needed a campaign which could punch above its weight in media terms & establish NYB as a quality, authentic product. Using street casting, we discovered a potty mouthed octogenarian, Edna, who embodied NYB’s authenticity. Our work resulted in an immediate impact on the brand.

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