Unlocking the secrets of Manchester United’s perfect blend

Through the lens of Manchester United players, legends and fans, we helped Chivas Regal uncover the key qualities that blend together to make the historic club they sponsor so special.

A trailer film teased the campaign giving United fans a glimpse at the heroes that would feature in the series and the topics they would discuss. It was followed by a piece dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the historic Treble, and the incredible blend of characters that made it possible. The importance of Loyalty, and then Humility were explored with care in subsequent episodes. 

A star-studded cast of both men’s and women’s players spoke eloquently and openly, alongside passionate fans and legendary ex-players to help make this a series with real weight. The films were extremely well received by millions of United fans across the world and reinforced the Chivas Regal belief that blended is better – in life, football and Scotch.


Chivas Regal - What Makes Us United?

Unlocking the secrets of Manchester United’s perfect blend.

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