Honouring the Mother of Women's football

The Women's game wasn't getting the recognition and coverage that it deserved. So in partnership with Mars and the FA, we decided to change that.

We invited the nation to get behind our girls for the 2019 Women's World Cup, giving everyone, football fan or not, the chance to show their support. With the powerful rallying cry of #SupportHer.

In the UK, there were 110 statues of footballers. Not one of them was female. So to launch our #SupportHer campaign we unveiled the first ever women's football statue in England for the legendary Lily Parr.

The statue - designed by renowned sculptor Hannah Stewart - was created with the hope of building respect for the game, driving further recognition of women in football and inspiring the Lionesses at the FIFA Women's 2019 World Cup in France.


Mars - #SupportHer

Honouring the Mother of Women's football

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