Announcing a commitment to the future generation

Shell needed a creative way to communicate its investment in e-mobility, and partnership with Nissan e.dams in Formula E. 

 Ultimately, everything that Shell does in the e-mobility sector is to benefit the next generation. So we made two members of this generation the hosts of our content series. 9-year-old Edward and 10-year-old Kami, the Future Thinkers, were introduced to the world to discover how Shell are committed to a cleaner, greener planet in the future. 

The Future Thinkers visited the Berlin E Prix and Shell’s Hamburg Technology Lab where we shot two quirky, yet informative content films. They conducted interviews with a Formula E driver and Shell technicians, tinkered with test tubes, and invented signature dance moves… The cheeky youngsters ensured Shell’s audience understood Formula E, as well as the innovative e-mobility solutions for vehicles and charging that will soon benefit motorists everywhere.


Shell - Future Thinkers

Announcing a commitment to the future generation

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