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ODD is a creative agency on a mission to build the world’s most desirable brands.

Why? Because over the next ten years, many of the brands we know today will cease to exist - only the most desirable will survive.

Founded in 2004 by Simon Glover and Nick Stickland, the agency specialises in the fashion and lifestyle space, through its mini-network of offices in London, New York and Sydney.

ODD prides itself on creating lifestyles, not campaigns - because the most desirable brands are part of people's everyday lives.

Over the last 15 years, ODD has delivered desirability and effectiveness for some the world's best-loved brands, including Dr. Martens, Eastpak, F&F, Primark, Mr Porter, Benefit Cosmetics and Levi Strauss, with a number of awards along the way, from the likes of Campaign Big, MAA, Drapers and DADI.





Modest Fashion: The Industry's Best Kept Secret

Modest Fashion is a billion-dollar industry & one of fashion's fastest growing sectors, yet it still eludes the attention of many of fashion's mainstream players. Our study uncovers the lifestyles of British Muslims, how they shop, & why misconceptions have lead to 86% of them feeling ignored by high-street brands. It delves into why they spend 16% more on clothing than the average British woman, & reveals how brands can connect with this growing demographic in an authentic and informed way.