Making Kronenbourg matter. 


In terms of long-term business results, Kronenbourg is now the fastest selling beer in the UK (2016 y-o-y).

The Challenge

Kronenbourg 1664, a French lager from the Alsace, has long been one of Britain’s favourite pints for its great flavour and long heritage of quality brewing. However, when we started working with Kronenbourg in 2012, the brand’s share was in long-term decline. The challenge was to create a differentiated positioning amongst other continental premium lagers.

A Taste Suprême

It was time to remind the nation’s drinkers why they loved it in the first place; the taste.

Unlike its serious Southern European competitors, we used a tongue-in-cheek tone of voice that would resonate with the British, beer-drinking man to portray this difference. In our first tranche of activity – spanning TV and social media – we introduced Eric Cantona, footballing legend, as the hero and brand champion. 

in 2016 Kronenbourg 1664 asked us to generate something new that would build on the success of the previous Eric Cantona campaign. With limited budget, we again engaged Eric to develop an online campaign. Eric pledged to swim the English Channel if 10,000 people agreed that Kronenbourg 1664 was the best tasting beer.  We smashed the target and Eric had to stick to his promise…. But not quite in the way the audience was expecting.

Recently Eric has returned to the home of the premium lager - the Alsace region - and the home of the famous Alace-tians. It is also the place where people will do anything to protect the precious Strisslespalt hops.....


A Taste Suprême

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