From youth brand to mass adoption

TikTok came to us with a challenge: how do we translate their global momentum as an upstart social platform, into a universally understood part of modern culture set for hyper growth. ​​

We launched a series of brand building campaigns to introduce TikTok and anchor it with relevance to the lives of our 18-35 target audience. Our campaigns also captured the nature of the brand and the app experience so they could be expressed authentically in every TikTok business area. TikTok is an app that’s all about remix culture, it’s a portal for people to step through and experience a different world. Our first campaign ‘Jump In Together’ celebrated just that. We took over digital and premium OOH media real estate with joyful and surprising videos to show that TikTok was an accessible, must have entertainment experience for anyone, and everyone. To influence habits through which people consumed content our strategy leveraged behavioural science to overcome key engagement barriers.​

TikTok had already started to make an impact on music and the Brit Awards were the perfect opportunity to spread this message. We took TikTok’s best music makers and created live, exclusive content inviting users to jump in. Our awards stream was Europe’s biggest livestream event ever, with over 1.4m livestream views in 185 countries. There were over 15K #RedCarpetReady creations in the first 24 hours. Our campaign hit the headlines, reaching the mass audiences we needed it to. ​

The pandemic saw lives change overnight. We needed to build on the idea that TikTok provided everyday magic. With the claustrophobic gloom of lockdown and endless messages aching for togetherness, our platform provided light relief. The Brighter Inside campaign was filmed entirely in lockdown and wrapped in 6 weeks. We worked with celebrities and NHS staff to show that TikTok was the new place to experience the things we love. ​​


Subsequent campaigns saw yet more celebration of the joy of diversity and the rich cultures found in the TikTok community. It Starts on TikTok showed how it had become the place where trends are born and gain traction, from influencing record deals to enabling people to take a stand on important topics.​

And #RedCarpetReady reached an impressive 91% of all UK 18-35 years olds and welcomed 100K new TikTok users. The Brighter Inside campaign graced the screens of millions of Britons throughout the summer, and was hailed as 'Ad of the Week' by Campaign Mag. #itstartsontiktok has been viewed over 5 billion times on the platform and the TikTok community continues to grow. ​


TikTok A Little Brighter Inside

We launched a series of brand building campaigns to introduce TikTok and anchor it with relevance to the lives of our 18-35 target audience

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