‘Amazing in Motion’ is an inspiring set of global projects, created by CHI&Partners and Lexus, to showcase its imagination, innovation and design excellence.  It builds on the Lexus ambition to connect with the hearts, as well as the minds, of the progressive luxury consumer.


The world of communications is no longer about advertising ideas, but ideas worth advertising. Brands that do, instead of say.

The Lexus brand has been long admired for its state-of-the-art engineering, luxury and service credentials which have captured the minds of its target audience.  Now it intends to capture their hearts.

Amazing in Motion is a series of projects that explore the boundaries of movement, creativity and technology.  Working in collaboration with pioneering artists and technologists we created a global platform of content.

Beyond the range of cars, ‘Amazing in Motion’ provides a platform for Lexus to demonstrate its imagination, innovation and design excellence in the way it behaves and communicates with its progressive luxury audience.

Over four years, the ‘Amazing in Motion’ global projects showcased what is possible when you take engineering and design excellence and combine it with imagination and creativity to create something truly amazing.


The platform launched with an ambitious stunt called “Steps”.  Content films explored everything from the choreography and mechanics, to the design and 3D printing of the materials. While a smart interface allowed the audience to experience the figures in 3D.




The second project, “Swarm” saw Lexus collaborate with KMel Robotics. A wealth of engaging stories and content, including a series of documentaries captured every aspect of this ground-breaking project.




The third project “Strobe” was an LED spectacle which saw acrobats and stuntmen suspended across Kuala Lumpur’s night skyline and lit up in succession to create the illusion of acrobatic motion at impressive speed.




The fourth Project “Slide” saw us turn a simple physics experiment into a real life, rideable Hoverboard.  Developing and testing lasted for over a year. This last project alone saw over 32 million views online.




The Amazing In Motion projects are created to work alongside the model campaigns for the Lexus range.  The aim of the brand projects is not to tell rational stories to our existing audience, but instead to create amazing spectacles that become entertainment properties and social currency in their own right, reaching out to a new, progressive audience and elevating their perceptions of the Lexus brand.

Through a combination of these brand projects, and compelling campaigns for our individual vehicles, we will reach a larger and younger audience, and establish Lexus as one of the modern super brands.  




The results have been outstanding.

Amazing in Motion is a truly global campaign, sparking debate in 48 languages, across six continents and 63 countries and becoming Lexus’ most viewed digital content of all time.

With millions of YouTube hits, the campaign has generated international coverage catching the attention of popular international blogs and appearing on news channels around the globe while the creative work has been recognised at every major award show worldwide.

Perceptions of the Lexus brand have been transformed, with record breaking sales in 2013. But more than that, we’ve created genuine cultural currency and pushed technology forward, in a way that feels truly “Amazing in Motion”.



Amazing in Motion

An inspiring set of global projects, created by The&Partnership for Lexus International.



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