Launching the viral Shark FlexStyle


To launch the new Shark FlexStyle Air Styler & Hair Dryer, we were tasked with bringing the brand’s #ForAllHairKind global campaign to the UK and maintaining awareness of Shark Beauty among its primary target audience - women aged 20-30.


Shark Beauty’s #ForAllHairKind campaign celebrates and champions diversity within the haircare market by spotlighting all hair types and the unique stories behind them, with the goal of helping consumers embrace their hair – regardless of colour, length, thickness, or texture –without compromising on hair health. 

 We launched an integrated strategy that kept the #ForAllHairKind messaging at its core, showcasing that FlexStyle was created by and for all hair types, whilst also highlighting the tool’s innovative technology and superiority in the sector. 

Our first step was to secure authentic ambassadors for the campaign who resonated with a younger audience, had a prominence on Instagram and TikTok, and each had a unique hair story to tell. This included TV personality Liv Bentley, who suffers with alopecia, beauty influencer Jahanara Rahman, who has experienced post-partum hair loss, and influencer Laila-Jean Washington, aka @neffyfrofro who has built her platform around advice for styling afro hair.

We worked with each ambassador to create a wealth of meaningful content that included the campaign messaging and introduced the new product and its innovative features. This content was then utilised across Shark Beauty’s owned channels as well as each of the creators’ channels too.  

Getting the product in to the hands of influencers and media was vital and we knew an event would be the best way to do this.   Duck and Dry Mayfair was our location of choice and gave an opportunity for top-tier media and influencers to experience FlexStyle first-hand. Attendees were able to have their hair styled with FlexStyle and capture their finish look via an interactive photobooth, creating further opportunities for social media coverage. Shark’s product team and celebrity ambassadors were also on hand to share more about the #ForAllHairKind campaign. Attendees included journalists from ELLE, Vogue, HELLO!, Evening Standard and The Times, as well as high-calibre influencers including Really Ree (62.8k followers), Nia The Light (397k followers) and Amy Astrid (73k followers).  

Within just a week of the product launch date the Shark FlexStyle Air Styler & Hair Dryer had sold out, but the momentum didn’t stop there as hundreds of customers added their names to the wait list on the Shark Beauty website and eagerly awaited the restock which arrived just in time for Christmas. We continued to secure coverage for the product across a range of media titles including Women’s Health, GQ, Evening Standard, OK!, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, and more, using a variety of professional and celebrity hair stylists as expert ambassadors, keeping the FlexStyle top of consumers wishlist. 


Launching a new product and having it sell out within a week of launch is the ultimate sign of a successful campaign. Using a variety of tactics that helped to amplify an exceptional product meant that we were able to engage with consumers, create a must-buy response and we continue to maintain that engagement long past the launch.   

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Launching the viral Shark FlexStyle

Bringing Shark Beauty’s viral FlexStyle to the UK through an integrated, purpose-led campaign. The campaign celebrates and champions diversity within the haircare market by spotlighting all hair types and the unique stories behind them, with the goal of helping consumers.

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