Buxton - Sweat and Tears

How Buxton regained its position as Number 1 British mineral water by inspiring the nation to prioritise mental and physical wellbeing

In 2018 Buxton lost the throne to Highland Spring as the Nb1 British water brand.

In a highly undifferentiated category dominated by mountains, nature and springs, Buxton needed a new brand platform to stand out and recover its position in the market.

Research identified that the key driver of brand desire in the category was not provenance or naturalness but rather the brand’s engagement with improving physical and mental wellbeing.

It also uncovered that although 80% of Brits don’t drink enough water, staying hydrated can play a positive role in looking after our physical and mental wellbeing. Hydration helps maintain normal cognitive functions, which has a positive impact on mood and coping with anxiety.

“Buxton, proud sponsor of Sweat and Tears” was born. A partnership with Mind launched ahead of the London Marathon to inspire the nation to prioritise mental and physical wellbeing through hydration.

The campaign followed the story of 15 real people, each facing their own physical and mental struggles, training to compete in the London Marathon. Their progress was documented in a hub within The Independent website, alongside educational content on hydration, exercise and mental wellbeing.

The campaign culminated with a 50s inspirational film to broadcast to the nation Buxton’s new positioning in cinemas and TV sets.

In the first 3 weeks of the campaign brand consideration increased by 47%, with 9 in 10 of those exposed to the campaign claiming they’d make an effort to drink more water and look after their mental health.

In the 12 weeks following the campaign launch Buxton regained their position as #1 British Mineral Water, the first time since 2018, achieving a record market share of 10.9%, equivalent to £36m.


Buxton - Sweat and Tears

Good hydration is as important for the mind as it is the body. That’s why Buxton and Mind have come together, promoting better mental and physical well-being through exercise and hydration.

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