No More Excuses

Background & insight

Despite high awareness of Heineken’s UCL sponsorship, volume sales growth was declining; people were choosing to watch the match at home with a local beer rather than a Heineken.

The living idea

Champion UCL matches as special, social occasions that encouraged friends to watch the football together with a Heineken.

What we made

Over 1k modular pieces of social content to dismiss lame excuses for not getting together for the football. Optimised for mobile, these were highly targeted and contextual; taking into account live localised data.

What it meant for the brand & consumers

It became one of Facebook’s top 5 campaigns of 2018 with over 256 million views and 2.2 billion media impressions.

Market penetration increased to over 8.5% with a sales growth of 13.7%. 


Heineken - No More Excuses

Using hyper-contextualised digital content to change consumer behaviour.

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