wilko: A Little Christmas Magic


Christmas is a key trading period – and of course, there was no doubt Christmas 2020 was going to be different from any other year.

 Our partner, wilko, are all about helping hardworking families be the best they can be. We knew needed a campaign that would:

  • Work nationally, whatever restrictions were in place 
  • Celebrate togetherness when people faced being apart 
  • Showcase the Christmas range, without driving in-store unnecessarily 
  • Cut-through at a sentimental time of year - without overdoing it. 

Two of the wilko brand values are ‘Pull together’ and ‘Show we care.’ We brought these to life by involving our customers in Christmas like never before.


Using social to gather personal moments that make Christmas special and working with influencers and innovative tech for wider reach, we devised a truly unique experience allowing our customers to feel ‘A Little Christmas Magic.’ 

Everyone has that one magical moment or memory that means Christmas for them. 

 To validate our thinking and ensure authenticity, we turned to our social community, asking customers to share their magical moments with us.

These magical moments featured in our hero content - our very own Rube Goldberg machine. wilko products like gift wrapping, pet treats, crackers and board games helped to tell our customers’ stories, gave them something to follow and root for, and showcased our product range - without being pushy.

 Micro-influencers used the same themes our customers told us were important to create 'How-to' Reels, to help hardworking families make the most of Christmas 2020 – driving huge brand reach.

To keep the magic alive for even longer - and to keep the kids occupied for a while! - we launched an interactive AR filter across Facebook and Instagram. Once opened, wilko elves danced into your space and entertained with their moves, bringing a little magic directly from wilko into customers’ homes. 

The activations had a lasting impact on our customers, spreading cheer and embodying another of the wilko brand values - ‘Make it fun’!


‘A Little Christmas Magic’ actually delivered a whole lot of magic. 

 We knew the creative execution would generate large organic reach and value. To ensure increase in our recall rate, we used paid media to create an amplified ‘halo’ effect. This was at the core of the brief and was why we developed creative that would delight users and hold view through rates in both organic and paid reach. 

This approach was successful in delivering not only outstanding performance, but also significant savings on media spend at a traditionally expensive time.

 Sentiment was positive and the inclusion of customers in its development heightened enjoyment of the final experience.

 In addition:

  • Direct sales were driven, outperforming previous years (in value and ROI)
  • Increase in our recall rate from 3.9 Pts to a festively-full 10 Pts
  • Influencer Reels generated almost 1m views
  • Hero video had almost 5m views and 89 times more Shares, 15 times more Comments and 135 times more Reactions than our usual video content 
  • 13,000 people danced with wilko elves, using our AR filter 
  • Campaign overall had 4.8m reach. 

We also beat Facebook EMEA benchmarks for ad-recall by 28%, and by a staggering 280% for favourability - which is a difficult indicator to positively impact. Our purchase intent result was 63% better than the Facebook EMEA benchmark 



Creating A Little Christmas Magic

Christmas is a key trading period for wilko. There was no doubt Christmas 2020 was going to be different from any other year. We knew needed a campaign with a difference. And we delivered it.


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