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We stand up for individuality.

We speak up against bland, broad-brush generalisations.

We fight for solutions that adapt to the individual's needs, beliefs, behaviours and aspirations.

We commit to doing this in every aspect of our work, for our clients and our clients’ consumers.

We empower our employees to have no fear in expressing their own individuality.

We enable customer obsessed brands to grow by creating the most valuable experiences across CRM, loyalty and brand communications.

Using creativity, data and technology to deliver hyper-personalised
experiences at scale and speed.






A New Dawn for Data - Telecoms

Data can be the lifeblood of the relationships that will fuel a new dawn for the telecoms industry.


A New Dawn for Data - Financial Services

Cashing in: how banks can harness the new customer data value exchange


A New Dawn for Data - Travel

Getting to the destination requires a fundamental change of direction.


A New Dawn for Data - Automotive

Running on empty: why automotive brands need to focus on the value exchange.


A New Dawn For Data

In a world where consumer expectations have evolved beyond legal compliance before the law even comes into force, smart businesses are making the data value exchange a brand issue, not just a data one.


How to survive the Data Apocalypse

Under the GDPR (General Data Protection) legislation in May 2018, brands will have to wipe the slate clean of ‘zombie’ data (i.e. data that hasn’t been specifically consented to for marketing) and woo their customers all over again. So what value can a brand offer its customers to justify the exchange of personal data?


Nobody likes a Control Freak

Consumers have got wise. Times have changed. The value exchange between brands and consumers has evolved. Recent research by RAPP shows the modern consumer expects more than a little more product for a slightly lower price. They expect increased control as part of the bargain. And the smart brands are handing it over.


4 Tips for Jumping Off a Cliff

Trying something new is daunting. Trying something where there is potential for it to go really wrong is even more daunting. However, we are living in VUCA times (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). Therefore, the only option is for businesses to evolve and adapt and that means trying new things.


Cannes - Too ashamed to sell

Cannes 2017 wasn’t short of uplifting, inspiring ideas. But as the big ad groups defected, it seemed the ads themselves had already departed.


A New Dawn A New Day - But are the banks feeling good?

From January 13th 2017, the directive of Payment Services (PSD2) became enforceable in UK law, requiring UK retail banks to open their APIs up to the business world at large and tighten their technical belts, ultimately creating a new competitive landscape.


The Future Of Loyalty

Traditional Loyalty is dead, and so too is the Traditional Loyalty Programme. In its place, Belinda Collins, Senior Strategist at RAPP suggests that brands should focus on driving long-term Preference with customers, developing a mutual value exchange and even celebrating new behaviours such as ‘shopping around’.