Smartwater - Life Distilled

The Challenge

Explain what makes Smartwater a better choice and create a compelling reason to try the product.

Our Approach

Looking at the product itself: what really separates it from the intensely cluttered water market is that Smartwater is vapour distilled. Vapour distillation was a clear unique selling point. But we had to find a way to tie that in to a human truth.  

The potential Smartwater audience – the fast and the curious 20 somethings – living a perpetually busy life; juggling all sorts of commitments and trying to keep up (or ahead) during their day to day lives. They can succeed by being able to reduce, simplify and condense everything around them to focus on what really matters to them. We called this philosophy - thinking distilled.  Our strategy became getting those who currently think distilled, to start to drink distilled too, by communicating the rewards of distillation: great tasting water, and a shared approach to life.   

We developed a campaign around the concept of distillation: ‘Spring Distilled’ and ‘Summer Distilled’ and contextual communications around workouts, rugby, work and travel distilled to a more overarching and all encompassing big idea of life being ‘Better. Distilled’.  Our campaigns, which predominantly live in OOH, digital OOH, VOD and social, rely on the shared ability the brand shares with its audience to insightfully cut through the clutter and get straight to the point– a smart brand for smart people - who know life is better distilled.

The Results

Despite having very quick turn-arounds (from brief to activation) and limited budgets we have managed to achieve an impressive:

·    64% prompted awareness in 9 months

·    Doubled volumes sold YOY (2015-2016) 

·    And the brand went from a new entrant to no. 2 water brand in 2 years 


Life Distilled

Explain what makes Smartwater a better choice and create a compelling reason to try the product.

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