You have been warned... 'Mind. Blown!'

The Challenge:

nãkd had led the charge in the all-natural, healthy snack bars market but recent double digit growth was starting to slow. We had to make sure penetration continued to rise by moving the brand out of the niche health aisle and into the treat filled mainstream.

Our Spark:

From our research we knew that our mainstream target were sceptical of healthier options. It either tastes too good to be good for you or is too healthy to taste nice. However when they try nãkd bars - and realise they can genuinely have both - it hits them like a brilliant revelation. We decided to focus on this jaw dropping, head popping moment of delight. And in doing so attempt to convert the unbelievers.

The Campaign:

This led us to the deliberately hyperbolic Mind Blown campaign. A tongue in cheek dramatisation of what happens when you first sample the miraculously delicious, delightfully varied and surprisingly healthy nãkd bars. You have been warned...


-       8% sales increases attributed directly to the TV campaign.

-       Nudies (single bars) drove value growth +19%

-       Multipacks drove value growth +33%

-       The campaign was cited as one of the most successful ads (top 5%) ever tested through Millward Brown’s “Link Test”.

-       Creative became European with versions for France, Belgium and the Netherlands


nākd: Mind. Blown!

New look & feel and a new campaign for healthy snack bar, nākd, led to the deliberately hyperbolic 'Mind.Blown! campaign that dramatises what happens when you first sample the miraculously delicious and surprisingly healthy nākd bars. Marked TV first for the brand. Sales up +7.6%

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