Our Challenge

We landed on a lovely truth: What's the best possible way to get to know a city? Not by asking a local, but by chatting to a person who has chosen that oty as their home and come to love it. And Hilton were perfectly oaced to curate these compelling films, fronted by Fred, their Park Lane Hilton Maitre D and famous Frenchman who's taken Britain to his heart and vice versa!

Our Solution

Fred went off on a jaunt around the country meeting high calibre chefs in their kicthens who had relocated to the UK, promoting Hilton Hotels as the perfect place to start foodie holidays.

Fred got around, that's for sure, and soon viewers were following in their millions as the chefs took in an amazing mix of restaurants in their chosen cities. Just about all eclectic tastes are catered for. Whether it's Joo Won, head chef at Galvin at windoes at Hilton Park Lane Hotel taking Fred to Venetian Icon, Polpo. Or, Matthew Soares, head bartender at Hilton Manchester Deansgate, delighting in the steaks at Hawksmoor. There is something for everyone to savour.     

The full films were hosted on a new Hilton portal to showcase Hilton's key destinations - proving really popular. We also edited them into a series of arresting films for digital and social. Trailers on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest piqued interest, directing traffic to the destinations page and booking website. Editorial guides of key destinations accompanied the films. 


DIRECT RESPONSE - The four film trailers generated more than 10 millions video views, more than 730,000 likes, comments and shares on social media and an engagement rate of 11.22%. The films were Hilton's most engaged with social content, ever.

CULTURAL RESPONSE - The new food platform website has now got real cachet - putting focus on the reasons to visit and stay with Hilton.


The City I Chose

We worked with Hilton Hotels and Resorts to create a series of social films, featuring Channel 4's 'First Dates' Fred Sirieix, that explored the deep connection formed by people who call a city their home.

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