Adobe partners with the RSC to create Much Ado in the classroom

In 2018, the World Economic Forum listed problem solving, critical thinking and creativity as the top three skills that children need to be taught for future success. 

According to Adobe’s own research, 90% of educators believe that better ways should be found to integrate creative problem solving into the curriculum.

In response to this, Adobe announced a strategic partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) in 2019 to champion creativity in education, supporting teachers with creative approaches to teaching and learning Shakespeare through digital tools to make his work accessible, relatable and relevant to young people. 

As an industry it’s our responsibility to ensure teachers have the resources and support they need to make creativity a core part of the curriculum for every young person to ensure the success of the next generation workforce. Adobe does this through technology and programs to promote creativity for all. We are proud to partner with the Royal Shakespeare Company to empower teachers to infuse creativity into the classroom.

Author, VP & GM Creative Cloud at Adobe

Red was tasked with generating mainstream conversations about Adobe’s partnership with the RSC. A challenging task for a company more used to talking only to creative professionals...  

An asset-rich campaign strategy was developed, with the following objectives; 

- Highlight how Adobe and the RSC are helping teachers in the classroom and at the same time inspiring young people to fall in love with Shakespeare 

- Lead media conversation on creativity in the classroom 

- Position Adobe as a pioneer in fostering creativity and its tools as essential in the classroom for all subjects in the curriculum 

Five creative influencers were commissioned to 're-imagine' famous Shakespeare scenes and characters. The digital art series included illustration, comic book artistry & photography. All brought Shakespeare to life with a modern twist and all used Adobe’s Creative Cloud tools.

Cue images of Romeo and Juliet meeting via a dating app in a hipster café and Macbeth’s three witches sourcing the recipe for their potion online.  

Alongside the artwork, Red released research which evaluated the impact of Shakespeare’s work in schools and RSC teaching approaches on the language development of children and young people. 

Key findings showed: 

- 77% of 11-18 year olds struggle to understand William Shakespeare’s plays because of the challenging language, with 29% saying that modern day interpretations of the plays would help 

- 42% don’t understand how studying Shakespeare will help them get a job in the future  

200+ pieces of coverage
1.65M reach via influencer partnerships
38.1K engagements via influencer partnerships
803K reach via owned social content
88K engagements via owned social content
640 click-throughs to .com

Adobe were so pleased with the campaign that the key images were used by the CEO Shantanu Narayen at the Adobe MAX 2019 conference to illustrate what the Adobe brand was all about in action, which was streamed to tens of thousands worldwide. 


Adobe partners with the RSC to create Much Ado in the classroom

Adobe’s news is naturally more of interest for creative professionals rather than the everyday person ... So when we were tasked with generating mainstream traction for Adobe’s partnership with the RSC, we started to imagine, what would Shakespeare’s classics look like today?

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