Checkatrade reveals extent of home pride in its first ever report

As the UK’s number one website for finding a tradesperson – Checkatrade has tasked Red with driving brand awareness and positioning Checkatrade as a source of practical help and inspiration when it comes to home improvement.

And so as the nation was directed to stay at home multiple times in 2020, we started to investigate the public’s relationships with their homes and how these have dramatically changed over the last year, not least because we were spending more time at home than ever before.

As a result, we launched Checkatrade’s first ever report, the ‘Home Pride Index’

How it worked

The Home Pride Index featured consumer research from 2,0000 homeowners, commentary from Checkatrade, its’ tradespeople and environmental psychologist Dr Eleanor Ratcliffe from the University of Surrey.

Based on the responses of 2,000 homeowners, the Home Pride Index took a detailed look at a host of factors including money spent on dwellings, time spent on home improvement and number of unfinished jobs left to do, to highlight how the nation’s love for their homes has increased in the last 12 months.

With homeowners spending £39bn in the previous year (based on the English Housing Survey of 2019), the survey revealed that spend on home improvements in 2020 was up by 15% vs 2019.

Based on the results of respondents from each area, 15 cities were awarded points which were then tallied up. London achieved the highest overall score, emerging as the most house-proud city, with Norwich the least house-proud city.

We can see the effect that 2020 has had in some of the searches for our trade members. For instance, searches for painters are up 37% in comparison to last year, suggesting that spending more time at home than expected resulted in a redecoration boom with homeowners wanting additional support in creating a boost of colour to their homes.

Mike Fairman, CEO, Checkatrade


Red engaged with influencers to share social insights about their home renovations during lockdown which featured as case studies in the report, and ran a slick press office machine selling in the Home Pride Index to national and regional media.

We also ensured the report was published on the Checkatrade website helping drive link click-throughs.


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Checkatrade reveals extent of home pride in first ever report

As the nation was directed to stay at home, multiple times in 2020, Red helped Checkatrade tap into the public sentiment on their relationships with their homes and how these changed dramatically over the past year.

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