Dramatizing the stark reality of homelessness at Christmas

The festive season is not so festive for the nation’s young homeless with many facing a bleak Christmas on the streets.

We were tasked by charity Centrepoint with driving awareness of their work supporting the young homeless during this vital period. A key message was asking people to avoid buying food that they don’t need and instead buy a warm meal for a youngster who needs it by donating £10.

This period is also traditionally a busy one for charities with many launching Christmas-focused appeals so our campaign needed to cut through…which we did through a creative photo-stunt that dramatized the stark reality of being homeless at Christmas.

The Centrepoint Alternative Christmas Banquet highlighted the extreme indulgence many households enjoy when it comes to Christmas food, and offered a stark contrast with the foods young homeless people have eaten on Christmas Day. We teamed up with chef Aldo Zilli for the photo which presented its own challenges having to do the shoot in lockdown conditions – but one of the team stepped in offering their own kitchen!

Armed with impactful campaign imagery, new consumer research and data revealing 23,000 young homeless people will go hungry this Christmas, we secured far reaching well messaged coverage.  

Key results:

pieces of editorial coverage
32.5 million
total campaign OTS
broadcast interviews
20 mins
of national TV (ITV News, BBC News, Sky News & 5 News)


Dramatizing the stark reality of homelessness at Christmas

Our impactful photo-stunt with chef Aldo Zilli helped Centrepoint raise awareness of the bleak Christmas facing the nation’s homeless young people.

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