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Red Lion is a PR agency combining strategic thinking and creative flair with brilliant basics. We believe charming client service is key. And we're driven by the thrill of shaping and sharing client's stories, in print, digitally, experientially and on social.



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Thought Leadership

Finding the space to stay curious in an always-on marketing ecosystem

Curious teams are the most creative

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Thought Leadership

Do brands need to do more than offer consumers’ ‘empty empathy’ in the wake of permacrisis?

In times of crisis brands must find ways to create authentic connections with consumers

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Ageism is an issue, and we’re part of the problem

The creative industries must do more to combat ageism or risk alienating a key demographic

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Thought Leadership

Does awards culture perpetuate the myth of a frictionless creative process?

Is it time that the industry gets more honest about what it takes to create genre-defining work?