Liberation Lessons from Shaken Udder


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Milkshake brand, Shaken Udder, is launching a ‘Liberation Lessons’ pop-up, teaching Brits to cast aside their inhibitions.

Designed to show how losing inhibitions to embrace what makes one happy is truly liberating, the confidence-boosting classes include:

Dad Dancing: Led by the leader of dad dancing gurus, Outta Puff Daddys , Paul ‘Jukebox’. Take inspiration from out-and-proud dance-loving dads everywhere and learn the nation's favourite dad dancing moves. Night Fever or Finger Gun anyone?

Show(er) Tunes: Love belting out a ballad in the shower but balk at karaoke? This one’s for you. A class led by vocal coach, Julie Miles, to embrace singing beyond the suds (with shower head microphones of course)

Dopamine Dressing: Swap your safe bets for style that makes you sparkle, with TikTok fashionista, Jay Beech. He’ll guide you through the sartorial statements you’ve always dreamt of

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