Making tomorrow worth saving for

Brand realignment

Nest was set up by the UK government to ensure every employer has access to a high-quality workplace pension scheme. Red Stone was appointed to Nest's creative framework in 2017, and after a number of successful projects we were appointed to deliver a new creative strategy and broadening of Nest's brand identity.

A new brand hierarchy

The Nest brand, although distinctive, was monolithic, with one product and one universal brand treatment across all touchpoints. We were brought on board to articulate a new brand hierarchy and creative execution principles.

Scope and focus

To allow more subtle communication with Nest’s key audiences, we broadened the scope and sharpened the focus of brand assets. This allows communication with members to be vibrant and engaging, with a more dialled-down approach for employers, financial professionals and large financial agencies.

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Making tomorrow worth saving for

Creative strategy and brand development for a leading pension provider.

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