There are challenging briefs and then there is your first brief for a new client which asks you enter the fight for anti-racism in a way that could build brand love – without risking brand backlash.

Lipton had never made a statement about anti-racism. Their new brand platform was “Share Some Sunshine.” Their goal was to grow a following on social channels. The all-in budget was in five figures.

Lipton did however have a strong belief that taking time to foster “quality connections” was good for both individuals and society. They also had an existing purpose-partnership with Peace One Day, a UN-affiliated not-for-profit, which they had previously exploited with the OOH purpose campaign Make Tea Time, Peace Time.

It was Peace One Day’s own pivot to take up anti-racism as a cause for their next live event that became the basis for this brief – how could Lipton credibly join the fight in early summer 2021, while remaining true to their sunshine brand platform and their positive connections purpose. And so in a way that drove social following.


An elevated purpose

Lipton’s previous purpose expressions had been focused on acts to foster human connection and “time” as a thief of connection moments, we encouraged the brand to see that systemic societal issues also block connection and embrace the larger role their purpose could play.

A focus on music

Our strategic insight was simple: focus on music. Only music sat at the intersection of a sunshine brand and cause – a connection force proven to bring people together even in a world that pushes them apart.

An pure purpose approach

To drive social engagement we had to first engage credibly with the subject which meant going long and leaning into what Lipton’s CMO called “pure purpose” – this meant no product and “second-billing” behind Peace One Day. The result was Together We Hear, a 17-minute documentary anchored by “quality connections”: three conversations between a diverse pair of music artists with different life experiences.

A new content model

Only by taking a pure purpose, long-form approach could we persuade artists including Nile Rodgers, Eve, Craig David, Ms Banks and Emeli Sande to commit their time for free. Record labels also freely opened their archives to us, and Time Out came on board as a distribution partner, in a co-production rather than commercial capacity. The result was a film that felt closer to seven figures in production value than five – as well as money-can’t-buy-talent-driven social assets for Lipton IG.


Impressions, reaching 12M people
Views across YouTube & Instagram
Instagram engagement uplift vs benchmark


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