To prevent the further spread of Covid-19, from March 26th the UK Government ordered a strict nationwide lockdown that would last 48 days until May 13th. Schools, offices, shops, pubs and restaurants were closed, and non-essential travel was prohibited. Households were instructed to isolate, leaving the house only for groceries and daily exercise. Families were separated, weddings postponed and birthday parties cancelled. 

After a month of lockdown, the population remained stoic; diligently adhering to the Government’s advice and finding new ways to stay in touch with friends and family that they could no longer see in person.  

Whilst households learnt how to get on with life under lockdown, retail brands including Welsh jewellery brand Clogau, were suffering. Clogau turned to S3 to create a TV campaign that would drive traffic to their website, their only remaining sales channel. 

A brief for a sales-driving TV ad is tough at the best of times; us Brits are notoriously cynical and detest anyone telling us what to do. During the height of lockdown however, tensions ran even higher. Numerous brands had tried (and failed) to raise the spirits of a nation stuck indoors, with ads either overtly selling or insincerely applauding the NHS. We knew we had to tread carefully 

Our first step was to identify the natural strength that Clogau possessed, which would best help them at this time.  

Unlike more superficial, fashion-orientated brands, Clogau had always crafted jewellery to carry meaning, using Welsh gold in every piece and designing collections to tell stories. It was clear that the natural strength of Clogau was its intrinsic depth of sentiment. 

Our strategy then, was to tell people the opposite of what they’d expect to hear from us – that the most important gift right now is not jewellery, but in fact the more meaningful love of friends and family.

Working alongside Clogau, we put together an integrated campaign across TV, Social Media, Email & Direct Mail under lockdown conditions. 

As none of our in-house crew were able to shoot up-close in person, we had to find a way to capture footage safely before we could even come up with a script. After scouring IPA shooting guidance and brainstorming logistics options, we came across a local Welsh photographer, Kate Stuart, who had started a lockdown project capturing images of families in her neighbourhood, stood inside and waving out from their windows. 

Working with Kate, we then developed a concept and script which our Clogau client loved, and which Kate then subsequently shot remotely. Together with our TV Producers and Account Handlers, we graded, edited and got client approval on every shot, simultaneously recording a Welsh voiceover and selecting music. 

Alongside the TVC, we also assisted Clogau with campaign stills to use on their owned channels (such as website and social) and also with copywriting for direct mail and emails usually produced internally. 

Initially, our media plan consisted of a small two-week burst on ITV Wales, West and Granada – three key regions relating to Clogau and their store locations. The aim being to target ABC1 women (Clogau’s core demographic) in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.  

When planning our media, we had to take into consideration that audience’s viewing habits had changed significantly, as a direct effect of a nationwide lockdown. Audience’s TV consumption had rose significantly, so much so, that for a substantial amount of time during lockdown it was argued that ‘peak’ and ‘non-peak’ spots had become almost irrelevant – with most shows now gathering ‘peak’ viewing figures.  

This ‘new normal’ of tv consumption meant tv shows like ‘This Morning’ and ‘ITV News’ were gathering huge amounts of viewing figures - filling the commuting and sport filled holes in people’s lives. Keeping on top of these key insights allowed us to exercise our media buying power and ensure our Clogau tv schedule was filled with the shows that were reaping the benefits of the ‘new normal’. 

  • After such a successful two weeks on air and the need to spread Clogau’s meaningful message still very prevalent, the client gave the go ahead to extend our media plan by an extra three weeks - leading to our TVC delivering over 7.8 million impressions.  


Clogau: Taking on a National Message in a Global Crisis

Reminding the nation that jewellery and possessions really aren't what matter.

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