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Who says small can’t do what big can?
Buck up your ideas, mun!

This is where the little bite big.

What makes us different? We exist to help the unlikely and underestimated in their pursuit to become the overachievers they damn right deserve to be.

An independent, creative advertising agency based in the heart of Cardiff, we produce consumer-facing campaigns for those who aren’t (yet) market leaders.

This agency doesn’t ego pander and it certainly doesn’t think small, everything we do rewards ambition using S|3: strengths, skills and success.




New Work

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New Work


By S3 Advertising

While it’s easy to become consumed and distracted at Christmas; picking the perfect gifts, decorating the perfect tree, and cooking up a storm – Clogau wanted to take the pressure off. We reminded audiences it needn’t be perfect. It’s who you share it with that really matters.

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New Work

Adopting Together

By S3 Advertising

St David’s Children Society wanted to promote adoption while avoiding the 'child in need' imagery that dominates the sector. The low-budget campaign called for a humble idea, executed alike to showcase how guardians help a child’s imagination flourish in the right environment.

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New Work

Beat Flu

By S3 Advertising

Covid-19’s second wave imminent, Public Health Wales needed a clear, friendly campaign to communicate the importance of getting your flu vaccine. Our idea leverages a recent surge in community spirit, transforming the brand’s assets into a protective bubble via vibrant animation.