Cloudreach: everything you wouldn't expect

The Situation

Over ten years, Cloudreach had become one of the largest cloud-native service providers in the world. However, it had reached a turning point following the appointment of new leadership and a significant investment into the company. Cloudreach had also purchased a software platform called Cloudamize, signifying a shift in the company's focus, leading to questions about how to go to market.

The Solution

Using EyeOpener, our proprietary research framework, we conducted an extensive sector audit of both the cloud software platform and cloud services industries. We identified the decision-making drivers across both categories, proving that one brand could credibly operate across both industries, and we revealed the optimal positioning for Cloudreach. Our market simulator allowed us to test branding scenarios in a risk-free environment and demonstrate the return on brand investment for investing in our recommendations.

We identified that people are at the heart of Cloudreach, it's the core differentiator and needed to be brought into the brand in a manner that reflects the bold, inclusive, and optimistic personality, as well as the need to stand out in a crowded industry. We developed a new mission for the brand: " We elevate technology and people so you can reach new heights".

The New Identity

We knew from the beginning that we would use an optimistic yellow that would stand out from the competitors, of which 82% were green-blue brands. We also avoided literal cloud representations used by many competitors, instead drawing creative inspiration from isobars, which anticipate atmospheric change. This alludes to Cloudreach's elevated positioning and that it's in the business of forecasting, predicting, and planning.

To accommodate changing needs, we created a modular UI toolkit, with a fully content-managed website implementation. We used open-source typography for accessibility across devices and channels, as well as ensuring all colours of the new palette were AA accessible.

The new guidelines allow local offices to capture portraits of staff and customers by incorporating the isobar graphic into the photographic style. This process also engaged existing employees in the rebranding process.

The Results

The brand has received praise from across the organisation as well as external publications. It won the award for Best Visual Identity at the London Design Awards and has been nominated for Best Corporate Rebrand at the Transform Awards (results pending). The work has been rolled out globally and is appearing across cloud solution events including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft events.

Our partnership with Siegel+Gale comes at an important moment in our history. Marking ten years since Cloudreach was founded, this new brand identity expresses our bold ambition and optimism for the future

Ashley Wirasinha, Chief Marketing Officer


Cloudreach: everything you wouldn't expect

Since 2009, Cloudreach expanded its global footprint to become one of the largest cloud-native service providers in the world. Siegel+Gale was tasked with assisting in a rebrand by developing a new strategic positioning and visual identity to reflect the evolution of Cloudreach.

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