Building the future of fibre

The Situation

Lenzing is a cellulose fibre manufacturer from Austria that services the textile, nonwoven, industrial, and professional industries. Over the past 80 years, it has grown into an industry leader.

As an engineering-led organisation, Lenzing found itself with a complex and cluttered portfolio of product brands that lacked relevance and differentiation. In addition, rising competition from Asia and increasing retailer demand for sustainable practices created a question: how could Lenzing best leverage its products and brand?

The Solution

We conducted an extensive discovery process, involving 30 stakeholder interviews, 20 customer interviews, and quantitative surveys with 600 employees and over 4000 consumers globally. This informed us of the power of the Lenzing brand: it is more than just a manufacturer, it is a leader in leadership and innovation, quality and sustainability, with customers buying competitive advantage, expertise and partnerships.

We shifted Lenzing's positioning to more open and intimate, moving from fibre to solution, production to purpose, and most importantly from a B2B company to a B2B2C or B2Me brand. We simplified and repositioned the product brands as distinct sub-brands within a clear and logical hierarchy, leveraging the strong corporate masterbrand. This tells a unified story, connects the right brand to the right audiences, and provides a strong trademark protection status that had been missing from their existing portfolio.

The New Brand

The visual identity shifts the focus from technical product communications to more emotive narratives. The logo is an evolution of the previous mark, with the introduction of the proprietary green Thread of Life motif running throughout. The tagline –– Innovative by nature –– captures the balance of the brand.

We selected a hand-written typeface for its open, friendly nature, giving the brand a warm, fresh and trustable personality. We refreshed and simplified the colour palette, maintaining the bold and familiar Lenzing Green and adding supplementary greens for depth, and we developed a lifestyle photography theme, Everyday Epic, celebrating the people who benefit from Lenzing.

The Results

Our strategy improved Lenzing's upstream reputation while simultaneously improving downstream awareness and image with retailers and end-consumers.

Confidence in the new brand is recognised by the €1bn investment the company is making in expanding production. The sub-brand TENCEL has already seen an increase of 67% in licensing applications, with Lenzing going from zero to 99 co-branded partnerships and global co-branding campaigns that have achieved 100m+ online reach, 65m+ social media reach, and 1m+ engagements with fans on social media.

investment by the company in expanding production
increase in TENCEL licensing applications


Lenzing: building the future of fibre

Lenzing’s unique offer built around quality and sustainability was not being communicated effectively. Siegel+Gale was tasked with developing a strategy to guide the positioning, architecture and identity for and declutter the structure of corporate and product brands.

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