Reimagining how people learn

The Situation

The founders of Nexford identified a need to reimagine education to make it more affordable and available to more people. Their vision was to design a new university as an alternative to traditional, outdated brick universities. Their mission was to enable greater social and economic mobility across the world by providing learners access to high-quality, affordable, dynamic education that prepares them for the global workplace.

The Solution

We recommended they create a brand from the ground up, looking at education in an entirely new light and building it in a new model. We conducted an audit of existing universities, higher education establishments, and the current landscape, and created a new brand positioning: "Education that moves you". A clear articulation of the brand's purpose, this represents both the freedom, affordability and mobility offered by Nexford, as well as the trajectory of moving from education to a career and then onwards through that career.

We identified six principles: unexpected, progressive, bold, credible, thoughtful and smart. Together with the positioning, these six principals inform the entire brand.

The New Brand

Nexford is the next generation of name in education. It draws from two of the world's foremost institutions –– Oxford and Stanford –– combining their association with high quality with a connectivity and centrality. Nexford is the new digital nexus of education.

We designed a visual identity that deliberately avoided any expected university signals such as crests. We used a refreshing yellow to set Nexford apart, bringing energy and vibrancy to the identity. The logo fuses the N to the U, reflecting movement and journeys. The graphic language relates to the NU mark and travels comfortably through brochures and digital environments.

The Results

Nexford University successfully raised a seed funding amount of $7m, enrolled over 500 learners from over 30 countries, and uncovered interest from 50,000 individuals from 50 countries. They have also signed a partnership and Microsoft, IBM, and are now recognised as a licensed degree-granting university by HELC in Washington DC, accredited by CMI and ASIC in the UK.

On February 1st 2019, Nexford University welcomed its first group of BBA and MBA learners.

500 Learners
from 30 countries
50,000 Individuals
interested from 50 countries
The amount of seed funding Nexford raised within months of defining its brand


Nexford: reimagining how people learn

Distance-learning startup Nexford University promotes social and economic mobility through high-quality, affordable online classes that fit the learner’s pace and schedule. Siegel+Gale was tasked with transforming their business plan and research into an entirely new brand.

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