Avios & British Airways

A reward currency is only as strong as people’s desire to spend it. For Avios, that means redeeming the points that they collect. The problem for Avios was that communication had become too focused on the process and mechanics of collecting points, rather than the real motivation to collect – i.e. worldwide travel. 

As the lead agency for customer engagement, we re-energised the programme right through the member lifecycle – across a variety of channels and media, and in partnership with many different brands. We inspired members with campaigns and content that gave reasons to collect, inviting them to create wishlists and then coaching them through the customer journey towards their goal.

Even the humble balance statement became a star, with open rates on email rocketing from an average of 13% to 47%. And, our VR campaign to promote Madrid as a destination showed that if you can have over 1.35m people view a VR film, you’ll sell twice your target number of seats – at a cost per sale of little more than £12. 

From 13% to 47%
Email open rate
Target number of seats sold


Avios & British Airways

Free flights are the bee’s knees when it comes to loyalty rewards. What makes people want to collect Avios is what you can do with them. So we create programmes and campaigns to entice and inform people about where their Avios can take them.

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