Wightlink Ferries

As the number one ferry operator for the Isle of Wight, Wightlink asked us to help them better project their position as the market leader.

We repositioned the brand, its proposition and values - turning Wightlink from the equivalent of a ‘bus service’, to a proud promoter for the Isle of Wight as a destination – becoming ‘your link to the island’ and the many wonderful experiences on offer.

Our work included new brand guidelines, the development of offline and online acquisition and retention campaigns. We also mapped the end-to-end customer experience from booking to the travel and onboard experience – covering regular traveller segments as well as holiday-makers and freight carriers.

In the two years we have been working with Wightlink, their market share has increased by 2%.

Market share increase


Wightlink Ferries

Wightlink needed a creative identity. A way to express what they do, what they stand for and what makes them better than the competition. We gave them a new brand platform to be used across all their comms (which we do for them as well).

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