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Making Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Famous (Again!)

In the year of Brexit, all travel brands are on red-alert. However, Eurotunnel holds the interesting position of being the only physical link the UK has with Europe. So it is vital that both the brand and it’s unique service hold a positive place in consumer consciousness. So, brand awareness must grow, positive sentiment must spread and ticket sales must come off the back of it. 

In a birthday year and with a brand that travels back and forth to the continent 94 times a day, what better headline than MANY HAPPY RETURNS? To bring this idea to life we wanted to capture the same party atmosphere as when the tunnel opened, so we turned the train platform into a carnival procession with every possible member of our target audience invited and lots of Eurotunnel history thrown in for good measure.


Campaign Recall (KPI 12%)
Sales Uplift (Compared with -10% for competitors)
+ 20%
Brand Consideration

When the first cars went through the Eurotunnel in 1994, it was regarded as one of the biggest engineering achievements of the modern age - it gave Britain and France both a huge sense of pride and achievement. We wanted to recapture that feeling of adventure, freedom and pride with this work, and to toast all the adventures we’ve helped create, as well as those to come. Southpaw really understood that feeling we were trying to capture - the sense of optimism and freedom that comes with driving off on a new adventure.

Jae Hopkins, Director - Sales & Marketing, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle


Making Eurotunnel Famous Again

Our client Eurotunnel Le Shuttle wanted to recapture the excitement and pride there was at the start of Eurotunnel’s life, 25 years ago. We used in depth audience insights to help build a campaign that had maximum impact, and to drive summer ticket sales.

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