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What's Possible Bitesize OnDemand | Experience adversity, emerge stronger | Josh Connolly

Josh is more qualified than most when it comes to talking about overcoming adversity. He grew up with an alcoholic parent, was in gangs by the age of 13, and had planned his suicide at 25. He's since completely transformed his life and is now one of the UK's most influential mental health advocates. He's a regular contributor to BBC, ITV, Sky and Channel 5 news, and has spoken in the House of Commons. In this session, Josh will share his perspective on what resilience is and how to cultivate it.


What's Possible Bitesize OnDemand | Navigating our 'new normal' | Cristina de Balanzo PHD

COVID19 has disrupted our worlds. Academic evidence suggests that the best way our brains cope with today's uncertainty is by acquiring new habits and adapting our lives to the 'next normal' as quickly as we can. These new habits provide a sense of control over things when everything is up in the air. But when the context goes back to normal, how can brands capitalise on some of these new habits? How long will these new habits last for? Is ownership of these new behaviours possible for brands?


What's Possible Bitesize OnDemand | A new age: connected TV advertising | Jamie Clilverd

Connected TV (CTV) advertising is the fastest-growing AV medium today, eclipsing radio and making fast gains on traditional TV. You can learn what's driving this growth in Connected TV apps, the role smart TV giants will have, why Netflix, Amazon Prime, et al aren't all they’re cracked up to be, as well as what you need to know about new entrant Roku. Plus, new age buying techniques that will reshape AV planning forever.


What's Possible Bitesize OnDemand | How to build brand trust with speed and confidence | Craft Media London

Craft is the go-to boutique media strategy consultancy for brands and creative agencies. They have run in-depth research on how to fast track brands to a position of trust. In this session, Craft Media's co-founders Sally Weavers and Jen Smith give an executive summary of powerful techniques updated for today’s reality. It’s an indispensable guide for any brand that wants to get back to growth quickly in 2020.