Eukanuba: A Dog's Tale

It’s been scientifically proven that classical music can have a relaxing effect on the human body, but can it also be said for our dogs? We decided to find out!

The challenge

With EUKANUBA’s new brand positioning focusing on lifelong wellbeing for both dog and owner, we had to find a truly extraordinary way to engage the audience with the new brand narrative.

The solution

A Dog’s Tale, an original score of classical music that was created with composer Iain Jackson using the number of beats per minute that replicated that of a dog’s resting heartbeat.

To test it out, EUKANUBA’s veterinary expert came together with a specially selected canine focus group to reveal a 22% reduction in heart rate after listening to the piece.

Challenge one, complete. Challenge two, launch at Crufts, the world’s largest dog show. Easy!

The results

Packaged up with visually rich, multi-channel content, we secured an exclusive with Clare Balding and Alan Carr on Channel 4, a national exclusive with The Times and widespread coverage spanning nationals, radio, consumer lifestyle, pet and trade titles, not to mention a barking mad response from the Famous Dogs of Instagram.

Exceeding our coverage KPIs by 20%, the track has been listened to over 6,500 times resulting in a spike in web traffic and increased time spent on the website alongside a reach of over 40,000 on social.


Eukanuba: A Dog's Tale

A unique event to promote Eukanuba’s lifelong wellbeing message for dogs and their owners



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