Tesco Every Little Helps

We demonstrate that Tesco provides a little help for its customers throughout the year by promoting key product and service launches as well as devising and activating topical and seasonal helps

We drove sales for hudl2

Our brief was to educate people about the key functions of the hudl2 and drive sales of this Tesco own-brand tablet during the competitive Christmas period.

The original hudl launch, a year before, had been a success and set a high benchmark for us to beat.

We launched it to media and influencers via an interactive press conference supported by a press office function.

We created social media content including Tesco’s first Vines, commissioning animations featuring the ‘hudl boffins’ who explained the key features.

After launch day we sustained momentum via a ‘Let’s Hudl’ activation, which was based on the insight that friends and families ‘hudl’ around a tablet for entertainment.  We held a radio day with ITV’s gadget girl Nikki Moore, who revealed research about modern technology connecting families.  We also captured video content of Tesco customers cracking corny Christmas cracker jokes.  This included a surprise and delight element where we gifted the customers a hudl2 for performing the joke.

23% increase on sales year on year


pieces of coverage

OTS of over

23 billion

+ 1 million

impressions on social media

We fuelled a car with shopping to launch Fuel Save

Our brief was to deliver a creative campaign to appeal to consumer media, bringing to life the message that for every pound you spend on shopping at Tesco you get money off your petrol at a Tesco petrol station.

We campaigned to get Brits back on the road, highlighting real life issues caused by the cost of fuel and demonstrating how the Fuel Save initiative would help.

We built a car made entirely out of groceries to bring the Fuel Save initiative to life, and toured it round UK cities. 

Our insight, supported by research, was that worry about fuel prices was preventing Brits from taking non-essential trips.  Our first news release revealed that this impacted negatively on visits to family and friends and we brought in a spokesperson from Mumsnet to discuss the findings on radio. For a second news burst we revealed that people were put off UK holidays by petrol prices and listed the favourite places people would have otherwise visited. We timed this with the bank holiday and a spokesperson from the RAC added credibility and third-party endorsement.

To extend the story onto social media and to highlight that every £50 spent in store earns you 2p off a litre, we created a Twitter competition that mirrored this benefit. Followers were asked simply to retweet Tesco, and with every 50 retweets 2p was added to the prize pot. The challenge was to reach 3,000 retweets to create a total prize fund of £100 Tesco vouchers for ten people.

We also engaged with key influencers who kept fuel diaries and rewarded them with fuel and vouchers for a day out with their family on the bank holiday.

Messaging clearly communicated the offer.  Within six months 399 million free miles were given away, clearly demonstrating Tesco helping its customers



pieces of coverage

OTS of over

275 million

7 million

Tesco #FuelSave Twitter impressions

We made people aware of a vacuum cleaner special offer

On the back of the EU announcing a ban on high-powered vacuum cleaners, we made media aware of a price promotion alongside stats showing an uplift of sales. 

This delivered 37 pieces of coverage including making front page news in the Daily Mail.

We made shopping aisles bouncy for April Fools’ Day

Based on the insight that shorter people struggle to reach the top shelf we fooled the nation into thinking Tesco was going to launch bouncy aisles – if only that was really possible! 

This delivered 88 pieces of coverage and Twitter included it in its Top 10 Creative Wins blog. 

We deliver always on product placement making customers aware of exciting new key seasonal products and gifts

Over a three month period we delivered over 1,000 pieces of coverage.  We’ve secured product placement coverage 12 times on key TV programme This Morning. 


Tesco Every Little Helps

We demonstrate that Tesco provides a little help for its customers throughout the year 



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