For most, the World Cup is an event to look forward to. But Solace Women’s Aid have a different view as domestic violence increases by 26% when England play, and 38% when they lose. Solace wanted to confront the fans themselves and get this taboo subject talked about – to create real behaviour change. And we had to do it without a media budget.


During the World Cup, fans are only interested in the matches. And they certainly don’t want to be preached to. But we know how much fans love statistics – particularly after a game. So, we used social media to reveal the England team’s stats after every game, adding a final stat showing how domestic violence would also increase that evening. We targeted A-lister celebs, journalists, broadcasters and prominent politicians, who all jumped on-board helping us promote our campaign.


With no production or media budget we achieved:

·      #StopItComingHome Trended 6th in the UK on the night England went out to Croatia - incredibly one place higher than #WorldCup

·      Activated prominent MPs, journalists, broadcasters and celebs

·      Generated a free outdoor with a reach of 271,360 people

·      Reached in total over 3.5 million people

·      Created Solace’s most successful campaign of all time


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