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  • Corporate communications
  • Influencer marketing
  • Public relations (PR)


We are a fully-independent PR & comms agency that wants to make the world a slightly better place.

We do this by working with good brands – those which have a little something extra.

We offer big agency planning/thinking and smaller agency agility.

We believe in rosy-cheeked creative, ideas with a glint in their eye and a spring in their step.

We put endorsement/ advocacy/ support/ influence/ partnership at the heart of everything.

We’ve been doing this a while so we have lots of specialist friends we can bring to bear, whether you need to hire a spacecraft, work with an illustrator, engage with an MP or bring a dancing giraffe into the mix.

We believe in doing good, through the work we do for clients and through the way we behave as a business.




New Work

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New Work

Treehouses at Shorefields

By Sunny Side Up

Shorefield Holidays is a large family-owned UK holiday company on the south coast. Our most recent work for them has to been to drive bookings at their newly-opened treehouses.