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We started with a simple premise.
We’ll be the best team you ever worked with.
To do that we need the best people.
People that care.
Because it means more when you give a f***.
Service over servility.
An honest no over an easy yes.
To treat those who pay your bills as if they were one of us.
Never one of ‘them’.
We won’t baffle with bullsh*t.
And it’s why we spend your money like it’s our own.
Giving best advice even if we don’t benefit.
It’s why we don’t like clients.
We prefer a team.

This is Team Eleven.
Welcome to Teamwork.





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Advertising against the grain: how brands can effectively cause industry disruption

As marketeers, we are used to having our finger firmly on the pulse of industry trends, constantly pulling inspiration from successful campaigns to drive our own work. But it’s always a welcome opportunity when an event challenges us to think about going against the grain and breaking away from industry norms. More specifically, how brands can use their strategy to disrupt the norm and affect positive change. So, what are the ingredients for effective industry disruption?

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Drugs on Mars?

No, not a piece on a little-known 70s prog-rock album. SpaceX with its reusable Falcon 9 design really has made space travel and populating Mars and other friendly neighbourhood planets less of a sci-fi/fantasy ‘if’ and more of a logistical ‘when’. Thoughts on the future of pharma and space travel.

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Brand building in tougher economic times

Running a brand can be exhilarating, challenging, and immensely rewarding. But it can also feel like a minefield, particularly during times of economic downturn. Having managed big FMCG brands for over 20 years, our Strategy Director Jo Vaughan has faced a lot of commercial challenges. In this insight paper she shares 4 insights for brand building, especially in tough economic climates.

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Counting the cost of parenthood

The cost-of-living crisis is already stretching many of us beyond our means. But what if you add a whole new family member into the mix? The average cost of raising a child to the age of 18 is £202,660. We set out to show how the cost-of-living crisis is affecting parents of young children and what brands can do about it.

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Supercars in 2023 and beyond

From driveway envy to driveway curiosity, we explore the changing shape and dynamics of the supercar market. From the rise of the SUV to electrification and how the legacy brands are feeling the pinch from newcomers.

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Seeing Red: Why there’s still room for improvement in period product advertising

It’s no surprise or secret to consumers that in recent decades, vast advancements in inclusive and expressive advertising have enabled the once taboo and stigmatised topic of menstruation to become a freely discussed, highly competitive multi-billion-dollar market.But we still have more to do. Society has shifted, but it is our responsibility to shift it further to create a more equal and inclusive future for everyone. We must be bigger and bolder. We must be more open and honest than ever.

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How to win new beauty shoppers during a financial crisis.

Our Strategy Director and beauty/haircare industry expert, Jo Vaughan, explores how the beauty industry can keep winning shoppers during a time of such uncertainty – with the chance to reflect on the continuing shifts in beauty shoppers’ behaviour, and how to stay ahead of them. Webinar recording can be accessed at:

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Consumer snapshot | unpacking 5 consumer behaviours impacting brands today

In collaboration with trend experts, we have put our finger on the pulse of consumer behaviour to curate the five most transformative trends set to interrupt and shape your marketing strategy over the next 12 – 18 months. Trends covered: fatigued by perfection, uncovering the forgotten shopper, stuck in the self-care gap, craving human connection and unlocking virtual possibilities. Published in 2022.