Indeed’s Little Book of Big Triumphs


Drive consideration by making the ‘triumph over adversity’ brand proposition for global jobs site, Indeed, relevant to young adults aged 18-34 years.


The jobs market was hit hard by Covid-19 and our target audience was disproportionately impacted. These young people were most likely to find themselves unexpectedly out of work and thus lacking in confidence and positivity, and feeling generally uninspired.


We wanted to bring to life the positive emotional side of job seeking - and used the medium of the spoken word to create an engagement sweet spot.  Working with the Young People’s Laureate for London, we created The Little Book of Big Triumphs – an inspirational book of spoken word compositions by 10 newly employed young people who found their roles through Indeed.

As well as rolling out the story through earned media, we extended the reach and relevancy with the brand’s first-ever TikTok campaign. We briefed influencers across sectors such as legal, finance and education to create short films spanning interview tips, starting a new career and how to get over job rejection – resulting in really relatable content to appeal to our young demographic.


We secured 173 pieces of coverage in just three days, including 14 broadcast pieces.  The social reach through TikTok exceeded 1.2 million with over 10,000 positive engagements. 

The impact was a 42% increase in consideration for Indeed among 18-34 year olds, with 33% saying that the campaign made them feel inspired.

Tin Man perfectly understood our brief. The insight driven creativity neatly captured our mission. The team’s holistic approach, tireless determination to deliver results and consistently high standards resulted in a campaign of which we’re incredibly proud.”

Lewis Dean, Corporate Comms Manager, Indeed


Indeed’s Little Book of Big Triumphs

We combined the power of the spoken word with TikTok influencers to create an emotionally engaging campaign that shared tales of positivity and resilience with job seeking young people for global employment site, Indeed.

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