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Get people to install smart meters in their homes.  Simple right?  But for a government-backed campaign with lots of scrutiny, multiple stakeholders and against a negative media and consumer landscape, we needed to find a campaign to unify and engage the masses.


Few things unify, and inspire, more people – across more demographics – than TV, particularly in a year when consumption rose exponentially due to lockdown.


We charged Goldsmiths University to screen the most popular TV shows and give them a ‘green’ rating based on their eco-behaviours. To disseminate the news, we created a spoof morning news show fronted by Alexander Armstrong calling on the entertainment industry to be more green on screen.


Secured 33 pieces of national coverage in just three days of which four were broadcast, notably Ch4 Steph’s Packed Lunch and BBC Radio 5 Live.  

Huge thanks to the Tin Man team for delivering such incredible results. To put it bluntly, the coverage has been phenomenal.

Ben Welling, PR Manager, Smart Energy GB


Smart Energy GB - Green on Screen

Getting people to care about the benefits of smart meters is a tough gig. With few things more unifying than TV, we scrutinised the most popular shows and rated them on eco-behaviours, releasing their green ratings to rally people to consider their own behaviour.

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