In the UK, nearly 1 in 3 teens experience online bullying. That's not ok.

As the UK’s No.1 Skincare brand, Simple has always stood for being Kind to Skin. But to launch our new brand purpose – being Kind to People – we wanted to make a real difference.

We couldn’t do it on our own. So, with help from international anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label, and a girl band that has personally been affected by this issue, Little Mix, we encouraged Gen Z to make a stand, wipe away the hate, and #ChooseKindness.


Simple's audience are predominantly young women, who are at high risk of online trolling and low self-confidence – as many as 7 out of 10 young people experience cyber-bullying. Worldwide, 115 million photos posted to social media are taken down each year after receiving negative comments

We identified a challenging hypocrisy within Simple's audience: on the one hand, they identify as 'Gen We' and are collaborative, accepting, and actively champion diversity; however, they also have a 'Gen Me' side and can be competitive, follower-focussed, and appearance-obsessed.


We needed to remind our audience to practice what they preach and treat others with the kindness they crave for themselves. Nowhere was more important to do this than on social: the home of trolling.

To drive action, we decided to show the impact kindness – or a lack of it – can have. And to encourage real behaviour change and spread kindness online, we needed examples of the tangible actions our audience could take.

So, on International Stop Cyberbullying Day, we launched a 60 second film to raise awareness and mobilise UK teens to make a stand against cyberbullying with our digital campaign.


We housed our visually disruptive film within a fake social feed. Framed as a static post, Little Mix appear to break out of the feed – stopping our audience in their tracks at the exact moment they may be about to post something unkind.

Our film travelled through a social feed, across carousels and Stories, showing kindness spreading and taking over social. We used CGI animation to create 3D spinning hearts that burst towards the camera when Little Mix blew a kiss.

Geometric triangles feature throughout the campaign look and feel, as well as the range packaging: the international symbol of female empowerment. 

We created a host of eye-catching, thumb-stopping assets for Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube; all perfectly bite-sized for social. 

This allowed us flex within our messaging – some cut-downs highlighted our brand mission to be kind to people, while others showed how our limited-edition range was kind to skin and the planet.

To show victim they’re not alone, we tapped into Little Mix’s own story of the abuse they’ve suffered, the effects on their mental health, and how they decided to #ChooseKindness, giving our campaign a genuine authentic edge that really resonated with our audience. Alsoo, in a separate film made of moving 10


Launching at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, our campaign for kindness couldn't have come at a more necessary time – during the March to May lockdown, DTL reported that support requests had risen by 158%.

Fortunately, our #SimpleChooseKindness campaign was a huge success. We helped to drive awareness of the support available for those suffering from social trolling and cyberbullying:

DTL site visits
young people sought DTL support (a 158% increase)

#SimpleChooseKindness resonated with our target audience and encouraged people to think before they post and choose to spread kindness online:

  • Over 2x our average engagement rate for Simple's organic activity (6% vs. 14% during campaign)
  • Our organic posts were saved 278 times (our average benchmark is 100)
  • Over 2x our organic Stories average reach (7k vs. 17k)
  • Little Mix's posts about the campaign earned over 558,000 likes
  • Reached 84% of our target audience of women aged 16-24 (a 5% increase against our KPIs) 
  • 8.4million impressions amongst our target audience (a 200k increase against our KPIs) 
  • PR reach of 66.2million 

And our campaign successfully drove all-important product sales:

units sold in the first 100 days
turnover in the first 100 days



Delivering Unilever’s most successful brand purpose campaign ever

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