What's Moving the Nation?


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Join TMW Unlimited for their latest What’s Moving the Nation event, a regular temperature check of how the country is feeling and behaving, and what the implications are for brands.

This time round, we’re turning our attention to how people in different parts of the country have responded in different ways to the cost-of-living crisis. We’ve unearthed some quite significant regional variations in emotions and behaviours so we will be exploring what this means for brands and discussing the potential opportunities for localising their approach.

We’ve always been fascinated by the often-overlooked reality that different places have very different profiles of people, and yet brands typically market to them in a uniform way. So fuelled by data and insights from our Human Understanding Lab, our expert presenters will be unpicking the human truths that lie beneath the statistics and outlining how people are feeling and behaving in different places.

On 2nd February, we’ll be lifting the lid on these nuances and exploring the best ways to capitalise on them in your marketing.

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