easyJet: The go-to storytelling platform for travel inspiration.


We needed to create a platform that was easy to navigate, stored thousands of pieces of unique content, and acted as a catalyst for social and digital engagement.

This project was extremely time-sensitive, so it was crucial that we were adaptable, reactive, and able to turn around a beautiful digital platform and activation strategy in just 6 weeks. After UX & UI planning, and workshopping, we came to the decision to use the root, our headless CMS, which was built for the purpose of telling powerful stories and could connect directly into the easyJet eco system – such as their app. 

We created comprehensive audience personas, and tasked our insight team to unearth what our audiences were interested in, so we could create key editorial and video content with our partners INK.


In partnership with INK, the worlds largest travel media producers, we led the production of inspirational travel content optimised for digital consumption.

This included travel guides for all 30 of easyJet’s destinations. When creating content, we needed to keep our audience front of mind, and doing this meant extensive audience profiling; which allowed us to get under the skin of the consumer. The main purpose of all the content was to inspire and get people thinking about travelling once again, ultimately so they would book trips for the coming months and years.


When creating the platform, it was crucial to give the site purpose and clear CTA’s for the consumer off the back of content.

With this in mind, we fully integrated the platform with easyJet’s booking system – allowing consumers to transition easily through the funnel and allowing easyJet to track the user journey. Alongside the development of the platform, we created an easyJet Traveller progressive web app, allowing the user to access the inflight magazines digitally, and experience the magic of in-flight media from their phone or tablets.

INK then worked to monetise the platform, selling media and sponsorship opportunities to brands across the globe. We used paid social and easyJet's CRM to drive large scale traffic to the hub, and we engaged influencers and travel bloggers to co-author content that had deep connections with their audiences. 

unique users within first three months
media revenue generated per month
pieces of editorial and video content created



We needed to evolve easyJet’s purely transactional digital marketing approach so that it inspired future travellers.

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