Wenzel's: Conquering London one loaf at a time


Aspiring to take the position as the capital’s favourite bakery, Wenzel’s approached us to be a part of the journey and accelerate their growth to challenge the likes of Greggs and Pret.

We deployed a fully integrated strategy, using a socially-charged approach to connect both digital and in-store activations. We started by cooking up a new visual identity for the chain, moving away from the brand’s muted palette to a vibrant, fresh look and feel which has taken centre stage, resonating with all audiences, from families to city workers.


As Wenzel’s strategic digital and creative partner, we have worked with them to completely overhaul their creative, social and shopper marketing activities.

We work across all organic and paid media, as well as every design aspect – from in-store creative to label design and packaging. We are a true consultant across their business.

Our always-on creative strategy has enabled us to deliver high quality, vibrant and exciting creative in real time, while also helping us to be reactive and agile to Wenzel’s everchanging line-up of sweet and savoury treats.


We run all of Wenzel’s paid digital media both at a brand level and also through hyper-targeted local activations to support specific sites.

We’ve acted as a consultant on their growth strategy as they scale up to more than 120 venues in the coming years. Our social listening capabilities and community management team allows us to keep a finger on the pulse, connecting and engaging with real influencers and trending topics as they arise. For example, instantly responding to the Weetabix / Heinz beans viral post” while continuing to help Wenzel’s significantly improve their customer service online.

Our teams also liaise with brands such as Walkers, PepsiCo and more to support retail activations, drive footfall and significantly increase spend per head, all working toward a socially-charged approach for the UK’s (soon to be) leading bakery.

Increase in engagement
Increase in reach
Increase in revenue



Wenzel's approached us to deploy a fully integrated strategy, using a socially-charged approach to connect both digital and in-store activations.

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