The Elephant in the Room

Despite economic headwinds, the sales pipeline for Micro Focus’s mainframe products grew 500% during the first six months of the Elephant in the Room campaign.

Micro Focus needed to communicate to IBM’s mainframe customers that they had real economic options for legacy business critical mainframe applications.

After harvesting learning from over 500 completed mainframe migrations and researching online conversations, True realised there was an elephant in the room. Even though the mainframe still ran 85% of large corporate’s business critical applications, no one – including IBM itself – talked about the mainframe’s potential. It was as if the world had moved on.

But the market felt differently – they were locked in due to a perceived lack of mainframe agility, and so unable to innovate or respond to changing business demands.

The campaign used our insights and the launch of the Micro Focus Mainframe Solution to change the way mainframe flexibility is perceived.

The global campaign targeted business and IT decision makers within IBM’s largest mainframe customer base, with press and online advertising, direct mail, email, product overviews, demo videos, webinar series – over 50 assets in 8 languages. The ‘big idea’ was extremely transformative for Micro Focus, and opened the sales floodgates.


Following a two-year decline in sales, the sales pipeline for Micro Focus mainframe solutions grew 500% during the first six months of the ‘Elephant in the Room’ campaign launch. It won the Grand Prix at the B2B Marketing Awards as well as ‘Best use of creative’ and ‘Best B2B Product launch’.

Grand Prix
B2B Marketing Awards
Best Use of Creative
B2B Marketing Awards
Best Product Launch
B2B Marketing Awards
Best Multichannel Demand Gen Campaign
B2B Awards


Micro Focus - The Elephant in the Room

Our Elephant in the Room campaign told the story of how Micro Focus transforms what the mainframe can do. It was a visual demonstration of working tirelessly to unearth powerful human truths and bringing them to life in memorable ways that engage and excite business audiences.

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