ROCKWOOL - 7 Strengths of Stone: Test Series

Our case describes how ROCKWOOL drove brand awareness, brand affinity and generated unprecedented levels of customer engagement by launching a video series of ‘branded entertainment’ that captured hearts and minds.

In a sector cemented in purely functional, rational and technical product features, ROCKWOOL seized the opportunity to add some colour, through a playful campaign that was grounded in brand truth, purpose and authenticity – establishing a fresh tone of voice that put product innovation front and centre.

Engagement in our content drove record levels of traffic to product pages, causing the ROCKWOOL website to crash at one point due to the volume of visitors. 5.5 million Facebook impressions saw an extraordinary post engagement rate of 30.7%, an incredible 1435% higher engagement rate than Facebook’s average. And most crucially, the average time spent on the site increased by 400% vs previous campaigns (from 30 seconds to 2.5 minutes). This demonstrated that the films not only entertained, but they successfully communicated the product benefits to create intrigue that resulted in genuine product interest.

page engagements
video views to completion
CTRs 717%
above the industry average
400% increase
in website dwell time
increase in unique website visits
520% improvement
CPVs reduced from €0.31 to €0.05
29% video completion rate
on videos 1.5 – 2 mins in length
Best Brand Campaign
The Drum B2B Awards
Best Use of Creative
The Golden Bee Awards
Best B2B Content Marketing / Strategy
The Drum Content Awards


ROCKWOOL - 7 Strengths of Stone: Test Series

ROCKWOOL launched a video advertising campaign across social media to drive brand fame through creative communications that bucked a category trend. The videos were distributed across social media with the aim of driving awareness, brand affinity and engagement.

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