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TVC Group has been using words, images and particularly moving image to tell stories for our clients for nearly 20 years. We help brands build their reputation through emotional connections and solve their communications problems. And we do it all over the world.

We have our own in-house producers and editors working alongside our creative and media relations teams to deliver compelling moving image content-driven campaigns. Our media teams are modelled on a 24hr global news room - constantly monitoring for opportunities and with a wealth of experience in planning and managing news creation and distribution.






Live streaming tips

PRs have enthusiastically jumped on the live streaming bandwagon in the last few years, but how do you make sure yours has maximum impact? James Myers shares his top tips


Bacardi: creating an award-winning online media centre

Find out how TVC Group worked with Bacardi to create an award-winning next generation multi-brand, multi-language online media centre. It was awarded Best Online Newsroom in the Digital Impact Awards 2018.


The long and short of the perfect running time

Greg Lappage, TVC Group's Creative Director at the Brand Film Festival, on why the biggest creative opps are in the areas where creativity is least available.


Why every brand should be using influencers in 2018

See page 12 for thoughts by our Head of Digital Nico Sarti on integrated multi-channel influencer campaigns


How to create film cut-through without the spend

A round up of TVC Group's panel session at the 2017 London Brand Film Festival featuring TVC Group MD James Myers.


What mobile YouTube livestreaming means for brands

Following YouTube's announcement that it has started rolling out livestreaming on smartphones, Nico Sarti, TVC's Head of Digital Strategy, discusses what it means for brands and offers advice on avoiding the pitfalls.


The PR Journey to Building a Disruptor Brand

Discussing current disruptors from Chargifi to Virgin, expert agencies and in-house teams give their take on how to deal with different stages in a disruptor's life. See pages 10 and 11 for TVC's work with Virgin.


The art of creating a killer strategy

TVC's Creative Director Greg Lappage discusses why having a great marketing strategy is vital for engaging and cohesive comms campaigns.


The Gorkana Guide to Influencer Marketing

A White Paper looking at how an influencer is defined and what impact they have on PR + examples of successful partnerships between brands and influencers. TVC's work is featured on page 20.